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Customhouse Street Tower
Student Accommodation
Planning App - Approved 132.5metres 434ft
9yrs ago some were very excited about this 42 storey student accomodation tower. All ready for take-off and then... nothing - glass needle flashback! :) Will it re-emerge? maybe build to rent? who knows!

Central Sq. plot 5
Build to Rent/Pavillion
Planning App - Approved 113metres 370ft
The last piece of the central square jigsaw, also if built this will become the tallest building in Wales, finally taking back the title from Swansea's Meridian Quay 107m tower

Harlech Court
Mixed use

Proposal Here 100metres? 328ft?
This is an interesting proposition! will it happen? well Porters Bar have moved on the strength of demolition, so just maybe. Also the development has shrunk in height from original proposal which in one graphic showed it to be about the height of the Shard!! If this development proceeds we may at last see the end of that brown glass turd that can't be polished!!

Fitzalan Place
Student Accommodation
Planning App - Approved 100metres 328ft
This to replace Hallinans House - it's still standing, empty and forlorn. Will these 3 joined towers get built - who knows!

John St - phase 2
Mixed Use

Planning App - Approved 99.5metres 326ft
The talller version of John St 1, right next to the railway line arches.

Guildford Crescent
Build to Rent apartments
Under Construction
planning application
96metres 314ft
Bit of a controversial one here, with the loss of the original Guildford St crescent terraced properties. A substantial tower, that will be tallest in Cardiff - until Central Sq. plot 5 gets built (hopefully)

Central Quay phase 2 plot 1
Build to Rent apartments

Under Construction
planning application
90.5metres 296ft
30 floors and 402 rental apartments, a very substantial development at Central Quay. This is now the tallest building in Cardiff and the 2nd tallest in Wales.
Gramercy Tower - Curran Road
Build to Rent apartments

Under Construction
planning application
85metres 278ft
This slim tower of 27 floors will contain 188 rental apartments, also some greenery on the 14th floor and roof level.
Friary House, Greyfriars Road
Student Accommodation

Planning Application - Approved 84metres 275ft
Just when we thought that the huge development student accomodation bubble had burst - this one comes along! If built this will be a great shot in the arm for this part of town. And a high rise neighbour for Capital Tower!

Capital Tower

Completed 1968 83metres 272ft
This no nonsence office tower has become something of a Cardiff icon! I don't have a link to the original planning app but I believe that the parchment can be viewed in the museum! :)

Wood Street House
Central Square

Completed 2023 83metres 272ft
A massive build to rent development at Central Square. Judging by the number of apartment lights on at night it looks very well occupied, perhaps providing encouragement for plot 5 to proceed?

Zenith Tower
Student Accommodation

Completed 2020 81metres 265ft
The tower element of this development is the tallest building at capital quarter, with mid rise fronting Tyndall St.
Bridge Street Exchange
Student Accommodation

Completed 2019 81metres 265ft
Another substantial student accomodation development on bridge street
Stadium House

Completed 1976 78metres 255ft

This building was given a makeover in 2002, when it was clad in a lighter colour and they added the fancy bit and spire on top (the inspiration behind the NYC freedom towers similar rooftop spire! - ok that's only a rumour.... started by me!!)

Copper Works - Capital Quarter
Build to Rent apartments

Completed 2024 76metres 249ft
This Tower is another build to rent development at Capital Quarter, providing another 307 rental apartments in Cardiff city centre. More information here
Central Quay plot 2
Build to Rent apartments

Under Construction
planning application
74metres 209ft
313 rental apartments - 23 storeys - 75metres see progress here

Completed 2005 72metres 236ft
Apartment block and apartments that can be brought - before the build to rent boom started in Cardiff- photos here
Radisson Blu

Completed 2009 72metres 236ft
Hotel - photos here


Bits n Pieces... in the press... headline news! and just wandering around

Jan 24: Avison Young report - Cardiff is the fastest growing core city in the UK

Feb 24: Coastal path from Cardiff Bay to Penarth to be narrower due to costs
Central Quay plots 1 & 2 external materials Plot 1 :: Plot 2
Severnside Airport being discussed again
Cardiff crossrail - but how far will £100 get us?
New waterfront district - Latest proposal for Cardiff Peninsula (once known as International Sports Village)
Apr 24: Friary House be replaced with massive student accom development?
council planners to decide 11th April
Gramercy Tower - Almost there! Crane coming down this or next month photos here
Multi-storey car park - full speed ahead photos here
Guildford crescent - central core to star shooting up this month

State of play... MAR 2024:

Gramercy tower
(85m) in curran road, central core topped out, main construction not far behing, cladding upto 20th floor - Tower crane coming down april?
Central Quay plots 1
(90.5m) and 2 (75m) construction well advanced, plot 1 looks like cladding will commence soon
Plot 5 central square
(113m) no activity on site - planning app approved
Copper Works Apartments at Capital Quarter completed - Building now being occupied with tenants
Harlech Court, Notice at site stating Harlech court to be demolished August 24 - the proposed development is still quite tall (100m?) but has shrunk considerably
Guildford Crescent
apartments (96m) under construction
Trade St Gardens
proposal has been reduced from 16 to 12 floors this development to be constructed on the not yet demolished sussex house.
Sixth form college 19 storey accomodation
development underway at Pierhead Street, piling has commenced, It looks like it's all systems go for the change of location of Cardiff Sixth form college from Newport Rd to Cardiff Bay end of Bute St.
no activity on site of new college yet.
John Street
(phase 1) Whilst this building appears to be structurally complete, it seems to be a long way from being fitted out and external landscaping is non-existent, with no work in progress it's a bit of a mystery? will this be the new Cardiff Council County Hall? Welsh Government building? who knows. It seems unlikely that the 100m tower (phase 2) will commence until Phase 1 is "complete".



Central Quay
Capital Quarter
Central Square
Canal Quarter


Manhattan we are not! but...

There's no denying that the Cardiff skyline has changed significantly over the last couple of decades and that trend continues with a fair number of high-rise developments planned or underway. This is my flickr album showing our evolving skyline. As a matter of interest my favourite view of our skyline is from Pembroke terrace on the Penarth headland up by St Augustines church (latest photos from here now in album following my visit on 19th Jan 2020). Whilst even I accept we will never have a skyline to rival bigger cities, our city centre is quite small and therefore even though the buildings we have and those in the pipeline are not very tall, the fact that they are contained in a compact area does make for an interesting skyline.

In my dreams!.. I would love to see a building of 150m (so it actually qualifies as a skyscraper!) constructed in the city centre with an observation platform or bar/restaurant at the top. A mixed use tower perhaps offices/apartment/hotel I'm sure would be a very welcome addition to our city centre. A centrepeice to the capital city of Wales skyline, a welcome message to visitors that we are a forward thinking city! The views on offer at this height would be superb in every direction - To the North... upto the Brecon Beacons, (ok it would have to be located so you can see up the Taff valley) to the South... views over Cardiff bay, the Bristol channel and over to South West England, and all above The castle, The Stadium, Civic centre, Bute Park and a decent number of high rise buildings to make the views more interesting when buildings lit at night! As a matter of interest I'm actually saving up for the construction of this development - reckon I can get it done for £100m so progress is slow, and to date I'm approx. £100m from breaking ground! Ok I did say in my dreams!!    :)

The Developments Map
The purpose of this map is to show all ongoing developments in Cardiff city centre/Cardiff Bay, to provide a render of the finished development, the planning application and photographic development updates. Also proposed development in the city centre of Cardiff. There are also links from existing structures and other sites of interest. The map is ever evolving and I intend it to be THE place on the internet with such information on Cardiff city developments and construction projects and all on one page!
Also on the map are all City Centre hotels and major student accomodation residencies





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